The Scacco Matto Bar, located in the upper part of the village of Sauze D’Oulx, right next to the track Clotes.

Both in winter and summer is the best place for tourists who want to enjoy a drink while listening to music or enjoy lunch in the sun on the large outdoor area outside, in front of a breathtaking mountain panorama.

Quick but delicious menu, cocktails and after dinner in a young and friendly atmosphere.

Do not fail, come to the Scacco Matto Bar!

Wi-fi connection available for our customers.

coffee 1.50
proper coffee 2.00
hag coffee 1.80
cappuccino 2.00
latte macchiato 2.50
tea, chamomile tea 2.00
chocolate 2.80
chocolate with cream 3.00
juice 3.50
vin brulè 3.00
aperitif of the house 5.00
analchoolic aperitif 4.00
vermouth 4.00
tangerine punch, rhum 3.50
drinks 2.50
drink cans 2.50
milk shake 3.50
bombardino 3.50
calimero 4.50
small moretti 3.00
medium moretti 4.50
small spitfire 3.50
medium spitfire 5.00
ceres, becks 4.50
corona, bud 4.50
adelscott 4.50
nastro azzurro 4.50
menabrea 4.50
desperados 4.50
guinness 4.50
franziskaner 500 ml 6.00
strongbow cider 4.50
national liquors 3.50
foreign liquor 4.00
liquor aged 4.00
long drinks 6.00
after height kalua, baileys, white mint cream 6.00
alaska gin, yellow chartreuse, angostura 6.00
angelo azzurro vodka, cointreau, blue curacao 6.00
alexander gin, cacao cream, milk cream 6.00
bacardi rum, grenadine, lemon 6.00
berry light malibu, strawberry vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry 6.00
between the sheets rum, cointreau, brandy, lemon 6.00
bluebird curacao blu, gin, angostura 6.00
blue moon tequila, orange juice, blue curacao 6.00
banana bliss banan cream, cognac 6.00
bellini spumante, peach, lemon 6.00
black russia tia maria, vodka 6.00
b52 tia maria, whisky cream, cointreau 6.00
champagne cocktail brandy, grand marnier, champagne 6.00
cucaracha tequila, kalhua, coca cola 6.00
czarina vodka, vermouth dry, apricot brandy, angostura 6.00
double rainbow southern comfort, orange and lemon juice, grenadine 6.00
grasshopper cacao cream, mint cream, cream 6.00
good father kiss southern comfort, baileys 6.00
harvey wallbanger vodka, galliano, orange juice 6.00
irish coffe caffè, irish whisky, milk cream 6.00
long island ice tea vodka, gin, rum, cointreau, coca cola 6.00
manhattan canadian whisky, red vermouth, angostura 6.00
mafia kiss kentucky whiskey, baileys 6.00
margarita tequila, cointreau, lemon 6.00
martini vermouth dry, gin 6.00
negroni gin, bitter campari, red vermouth 6.00
paradise gin, apricot brandy, orange juice 6.00
peach champagne grand marnier, peach, champagne 6.00
pina colada rum, ananas, coconut, milk cream 6.00
rusty nail drambuie, whisky 6.00
samoa rum, pineapple, cocoa, milk cream 6.00
southern kiss southern comfort, amaretto 6.00
sidecar brandy, cointreau, lemon 6.00
tequila sunrise tequila, orange, grenadine 6.00
white lady gin, cointreau, lemon 6.00
whisky sour rum whisky, lemon, sugar 6.00
9 holes gin, bitter campari, orange juice 6.00
bottle 13.00
glass 3.00
pinot grigio
gavi d.o.c.g.
pinot bianco
muller thurgau
chardonnay delle venezie
vino frizzante “Levante”
bottle 13.00
glass 3.00
dolcetto monferrato d.o.c.
chianti casa antica
bottle 30.00
pinot chardonnay
prosecco brut